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Our strategy


Nyrstar's Management has a strategy aimed at positioning the business for a sustainable future as a leading metals processing business. Through its deep market insight and unique processing capabilities, Nyrstar aims to generate superior returns by extracting the maximum value inherent in the mineral resources and by-products it processes.


Accordinglly, Nyrstar has developed a coordinated approach to redeveloping and operating its asset portfolio to optimise the concentrate feed into its smelters, maximise minor and precious metal extraction, and enhance the margins of it's end-product mix. 


Strategic priorities


Strengthen and maintain a more conservative balance sheet  enable the Company to withstand challenging commodity prices and financing markets while giving it the necessary operational flexibility to deliver shareholder returns


Streamline the asset base with a focus on smelting operations which may include mining asset disposals and a full exit from mining, further emphasizing Nyrstar’s focus on smelting operations considering the unique value proposition the assets have to offer following the Port Pirie Redevelopment


Redevelop Port Pirie metal recovery and refining facility to maximise the value from concentrates and residues


Selectively invest in existing smelter network to allow the processing of higher margin feeds


Optimise the feed book of raw materials to enhance its market position by securing a broader mix of long-term feed needs from third-party sources


Improve end product mix and integration with key end users to continue development of specialty products that will be marketed and sold at above industry benchmark prices