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Community Engagement and Development

Gaining and protecting our social licence to operate is intrinsically linked to the way we engage with our communities, regulators, suppliers, customers and other key stakeholders.

Our aim is to be a welcome and valued member of the communities in which we operate. We seek to build long term relationships founded on trust and honesty, and by respecting fundamental human rights wherever we operate.  ​​

We focus on creating shared value for our host communities and other stakeholders by developing a good understanding – through dialogue, research and assessment – of their concerns, needs and aspirations and integrating these into our decisions and day-to-day operations. ​​


The Nyrstar Way establishes the values and behaviours that we must apply in our dealings with local communities and other key stakeholders. This includes a commitment to Keeping Our Word, Preventing Harm, Being Open and Honest and Creating Value. It applies to all employees and contractors working for Nyrstar. ​​

Our Safety, Health, Environment and Community (SHEC) Management Framework sets out the processes for stakeholder engagement, communication and consultation that must be implemented at all Nyrstar sites. Site application of these processes focus on understanding and addressing the social risks and opportunities that are associated with our operations and the communities in which we operate. As per the Framework, all sites have stakeholder engagement plans that are regularly revised to reflect the current social context, risks, opportunities and needs of the individual sites. ​​

Community Development 

We actively seek to help the local communities where we operate to thrive and benefit from our presence. We preferentially source from local suppliers and help them to build capacity to take on bigger and more complex contracts. We help build local capabilities and know-how and, where we can, we work in collaboration with local stakeholders (governments, education boards, local medical providers, etc.) to support the improvement of education and local community health.  ​​

In recent years, our community programmes supported initiatives related to children’s health, educational opportunities, habitat & wildlife protection, cultural and sporting events. ​​

Human Rights 

We respect and promote fundamental human rights in all locations where we operate. Our approach to human rights is founded in The Nyrstar Way and our Code of Business Conduct. The Framework for Ethical Decision Making included in the Code of Business Conduct helps to ensure that human rights are considered in key business processes such as risk assessments, procurement and contractor management and in our dealings with employees, communities and other stakeholders. Respecting human rights also requires us to work with contractors and suppliers to ensure that they hold themselves to the same human rights standards that we hold ourselves accountable to. ​​