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Community Relations

Maintaining the trust and ongoing support of the local communities where we operate is critical to the viability and success of our business. Without this support we run the risk of operational disruptions, delays to permitting and approval processes and of being prevented access to the land and geological resources that we need to operate. Our social licence to operate is intrinsically linked to the way we engage with our communities and to our ability to control environmental and social impacts that may be generated from our operations.


Our aim is to be a welcome and valued member of the communities in which we operate. To achieve this, we actively engage with the local communities that have an interest in or that may be impacted by our operations. The understanding of community expectations gained from these engagement activities are incorporated in everyday decision making and operational activities. All Nyrstar sites have stakeholder engagement plans that are regularly revised to reflect the current community context, risks, opportunities and needs of the individual sites.


We strive for Nyrstar’s operations to contribute to the socio-economic welfare of the regions and communities where we are located. To this end, we manage, fund and participate in various community development programmes and preferentially source services and products from local suppliers. We help build local capabilities and know-how and, where possible, we work in collaboration with local stakeholders (governments, education boards, local medical providers, etc.) to support the improvement of education and local community health.


Indigenous People

Nyrstar’s Canadian mines, Myra Falls and Langlois, are located within areas claimed by indigenous peoples as traditional territories. While these claims have not been defined in treaties, we recognise and respect the rights, cultures and interests of indigenous peoples and seek opportunities to engage with them in regards to our use of the land. Our engagement with indigenous peoples is led by the General Manager at each of the operations.


Human Rights

Protection of human rights is a core consideration for Nyrstar and we are committed to respecting fundamental human rights wherever we operate. Our approach to human rights is founded in The Nyrstar Way and our Code of Business Conduct. The Framework for Ethical Decision Making included in the Code of Business Conduct helps to ensure that human rights are considered in key business processes such as risk assessments, procurement and contractor management and in our dealings with employees, communities and other stakeholders. Respecting human rights also requires us to work with contractors and suppliers to ensure that they hold themselves to the same human rights standards that we hold ourselves accountable to.