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Workforce Health and Safety

We believe that every work-related illness and injury is preventable. Our Towards Zero Health & Safety Vision is for our people to return home safe and healthy at the end of their shift, every day. 

At Nyrstar, we:

§ Recognize that the nature of our operations means that we operate in potentially high risk environments. This is why we must constantly focus on the job at hand to successfully identify and control every risk associated with it.

§ Empower every employee across our operations to turn our vision into reality. We expect our people to stop any job if it is not ​​safe and work together to make it safe to proceed.

§ Act as one team to create a culture of shared vigilance where everyone takes ownership of their own safety and that of their colleagues.

Our health and safety strategy Towards Zero is built around four pillars:

1.        An organizational culture which puts safety first

Everyone is personally accountable: Our employees are the custodians and ambassadors of our safety vision at all times. Everyone is responsible for preventing harm to themselves and others by ensuring they have the knowledge and the skills to identify, stop and intervene when they see something unsafe.

Leadership is central to our approach:
We hold our leaders accountable for the delivery of the highest safety standards. They set an example through their own consistent safety-oriented behaviour, and will promptly address any safety & health concerns. They empower people to do the same, consistently holding everyone accountable for their behaviour and performance.


2.        Focus on Fatality Prevention


We maintain a strong focus and discipline on identifying and allocating resources to manage low likelihood but high consequence events through our critical risk program to prevent serious incidents and fatalities.

3.        A strong Health & Safety management system 

We constantly and diligently review our policies and standards to ensure they are current and accurate.
We train our people on work best practices and standard operating procedures to ensure they have the highest awareness and understanding for the area in which they work to complete the job safe, on time and with the expected high quality.
We share knowledge and learnings from others, both within and outside of Nyrstar.


4.        Keep our people fit for work & fit for life. 

We believe that good safety and good health are complementary. We work to identify, monitor and minimize levels of exposure to chemical, physical, biological and ergonomic hazards.
We encourage and support our people to lead healthy lifestyles.