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Workforce Health and Safety

​Our Health & Safety vision is to provide a work environment where all hazards are effectively identified and controlled, and where each employee takes responsibility for their own safety and that of their colleagues. We believe that every work-related illness and injury is preventable. To this end we work pro-actively towards creating a workplace where everyone goes home safe and healthy every day of their working lives.

Critical Incident Prevention Programme

As we seek to operate with zero harm, a major focus is to prevent fatalities and serious long term disabling injuries. As part of this focus, in 2013 we launched the Nyrstar Life Saving Rules which prescribe non-negotiable requirements in relation to a set of key risks relevant to our operations. In 2014, this initiative was further expanded and developed into a comprehensive fatality prevention programme. In addition to the Life Saving Rules, this programme encompasses a series of activities including identification and review of critical incident scenarios, first line supervisor leadership training, and audits focusing on our most critical risks. In the Mining segment, the programme is complemented by a set of Golden Rules focusing on fatal risks of particular relevance for the mining operations. Further information about our fatality prevention programmes is provided on page 29.

Promoting a Culture of Safety

Superior safety performance does not only require strong systems and effective risk management but also a positive culture in which everyone is committed to their own safety and the safety of their colleagues. This requires a culture of trust, good communication, learning and innovation underpinned by good leadership and clear roles and accountabilities.

Starting in 2012, several behavioural safety initiatives and programmes have been implemented at the Metals Processing operations. This has included safety campaigns, safety intervention programmes and training efforts to increase the skills and competencies of our employees. In 2015, an awareness campaign entitled “Why We Work Safe” was launched across all operations. The campaign features a video featuring Nyrstar employees sharing their personal thoughts and experiences on why they work safely.

Safety Management Systems

Nyrstar has developed a set of policies, standards and procedures that support a consistent approach to health and safety management across our operations. The requirements established by these documents focus on key health and safety aspects relevant for our industry as well as on management processes such as leadership and accountability, planning, training, communication and performance monitoring. Sites are required to develop management systems that meet and implement the expectations and requirements specified in the Group documents. In addition, the health and safety management systems at Balen/Overpelt, Budel, Clarksville, Hobart and Port Pirie are certified to the OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety management standard.