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Our Approach to Sustainability

Nyrstar’s sustainability strategy is to:​

Engage to Prioritise: to engage with a range of relevant stakeholders – including customers, local communities, civil society organisations, government authorities, employees, academia, and suppliers – in order to help us assess our external and internal contexts and to understand what we need to focus on in terms of sustainability issues and risks as well as opportunities to innovate. 

Eliminate Major Hazards and Rigorously Reduce and Manage Risks: to ensure that our businesses and operations consistently and properly identify, understand and, whenever feasible, eliminate their major health, safety, environmental and social hazards or otherwise control the associated risks so that they are reduced to acceptable levels.

Cooperate and Innovate: to identify and support the specific opportunities to innovate that allow us to make a positive contribution towards improved sustainability and to distinguish ourselves from our competitors in the marketplace.

Integrate: to establish clear accountabilities at all levels of the organisation for achieving our sustainability objectives and to integrate our sustainability ambitions into operational management decisions and processes.

Our sustainability strategy focuses on the areas and issues that matter he most to our business and our stakeholders, including:

Our People: fostering a culture where everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential and where people are treated fairly.

Workforce Health and Safety: providing a work environment where all hazards are effectively identified and controlled, and where each employee takes responsibility for their own safety and that of their colleagues.

Environment: continuously improving the efficiency of our activities and production processes with a focus on protecting ecological functions and reducing our environmental footprint, particularly in terms of energy, water and land use, emissions, and waste generation.

Community Engagement and Development: actively engaging with, and helping, local communities to develop, thrive and benefit from the presence of our operations.