Using primary lead as base, the Nyrstar Port Pirie operations provide a full range of Lead Calcium Tin Alloys for Battery Grid, as well Lead Copper Alloy and other tailor-made Lead Alloys.

Lead ingots of high purity which can be used in the following applications : batteries, pipes, vessels, paints ceramics, cable shielding, anodes for electrolysis, radiation protection, ammunitions, sheets for roofing, crystal glassware and antiknock additives. Nyrstar BHAS Broken Hill (99.99% and 99.97%) are LME-approved brands for BS EN12659:1999 and GB/T 469:2005, conforming to the specifications covering quality, shape and weight as defined by the special contract rules of the LME Standards.

Technical data sheets

Nyrstar BHAS Soft Lead 99,99% & 99,97%

Material safety data sheets

Nyrstar BHAS Soft Lead 99,99% & 99,97%

Compliance statements

Conflict Metals
RoHS Die Casting Alloys

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