We are the second largest zinc metal producer in the world.Nyrstar produces zinc in concentrate from its mining operations and a variety of refined market zinc products including special high grade zinc (SHG), zinc galvanising alloys, and zinc die-casting alloys as an outcome of its zinc smelting process.

Zinc – a very diverse product

Zinc has diverse applications and uses, from construction and infrastructure, to transport, industrial machinery, communications, electronics and consumer products. This makes it an essential and highly sought-after sustainable resource.

Construction and infrastructure

Over 50% of the world’s zinc production goes into construction. With the world population growing, the demand for construction also grows. Galvanized steel is used extensively in most infrastructure projects around the world, including bridges, electricity and telecom towers and building structures.

Zinc coatings provide a continuous, impervious metallic barrier to the steel it covers.

Automotive applications

You would find almost all of Nyrstar’s zinc products in automobiles, with different products being used for different components.

While hotdip galvanized steel is often used to produce car bodies, continuous galvanized steel is used for car doors and zinc die casting alloys are used extensively in applications such as door handles, mirrors, air bag sensors, seat belts and decorative parts. Zinc oxides are used on a large scale to vulcanize the rubber in car tires.

Consumer products

Galvanized steel sheet has contributed significantly to the durability of items such as fridges, washing machines and dishwashers. Many appliances such as food mixers, DVD players and mobile phones contain components made from zinc die casting alloys.

Zinc die casting alloys are widely used in clothing to make buttons, zippers and belt buckles.

It is also used for toys and recreational equipment including fishing rods and golf clubs.

Zinc for growing food

Zinc fertilisers are essential for improving the nutritional value of crops and increases crop yields by approx. 40%.

Zinc for healthy human bodies

Zinc is an essential element vital for the human body’s processes.Our bodies do not store zinc naturally.

This vital mineral is necessary for supporting growth and maintaining a healthy diet and weight.

Our metabolism needs the support of zinc to properly process the food and nutrients we eat and drink.

Zinc is also crucial for our immune system and supports the human body’s ability to heal injuries.