Virtual battery

Monday January 02, 2023

We need to make our energy sources more sustainable and therefore flexible production and energy storage are becoming increasingly important.

To make optimal use of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind, and to ensure affordable energy, the current energy system needs to be reformed. 

Nyrstar has already made significant steps by investing in a 100 MWh battery at its site in Balen, is partner in various solar and wind parks in Belgium and The Netherlands and is ready to deploy its European plants as virtual battery.

How does that work? Check out this video and a recent study (in cooperation with DNV) on the ‘societal value’ of our virtual battery concept as well as an industry-wide report on the value of ‘industrial flex’ (by ‘TKI Energie en Industrie’), featuring Nyrstar’s virtual battery as one of the most promising industrial flex concepts in The Netherlands.

Take note that both whitepapers are in Dutch and based on Nyrstar’s Netherlands based operations, but applicable to all of Nyrstar’s highly electrified zinc plants.