Early works underway on Nyrstar’s Product Recycling Facility to further reduce Lead in Air Concentrations in Port Pirie

Thursday December 15, 2022

Early works on a key project to reduce lead in air concentrations measured in the local community are underway at Nyrstar’s Port Pirie multi-metals processing facility.

Once completed, the $23 million Product Recycling Facility will be sealed and under negative air pressure, allowing intermediate materials used in the production process to be stored and mixed in an enclosed facility.
In addition, the facility will be constructed nearby to existing processing plants which will significantly reduce the handling and transport of materials in the open air.

The South Australian Government is contributing $7 million to the $23 million project.

Included in the early works of the project is the construction of a new air compressor and a new laundry to make space for the new facility.
This project is on top of more than $150 million spent over the past three years by Nyrstar at the multi-metals processing facility in Port Pirie on measures to improve lead in air concentrations detected in the community.

Nyrstar Port Pirie General Manager, Mat Lynn, says that this project was an important part of the continued improvements being made on site.

“With the support of the State Government, the Product Recycling Facility will deliver an increase in environmental and operational performance,” Mr Lynn said.

“Important early works have recently started including construction on our new air compressors and the new laundry.”

“Nyrstar Australia will continue to focus on how we can continue to improve our operations to reduce lead in air concentrations and complement the Targeted Lead Abatement Program (TLAP) and actions of the State Government, Port Pirie Regional Council and people of Port Pirie to reduce lead levels within the local community.”