Nyrstar Budel commissioned new 22 million euro plant to remain at world top

Thursday May 27, 2021

Budel-Dorplein, May 27th 2021

Zinc smelter Nyrstar in Budel has just completed a marathon exercise to commission another part of their new gas cleaning plant. "The plant is a major upgrade that will enable Nyrstar Budel, as one of the largest zinc smelters in the world, to continue to meet the ever-increasing demand for zinc." At peak times, up to 80 employees and contractors were working simultaneously to complete the complex job.

General Manager Henk Leendertse: "After intensive preparation, we safely commissioned the plant, which is seven stories high. This is modern technology that we prepared and built for months, and which we recently lifted into place as a single unit. An important detail: during commissioning we continued to make zinc, which made this operation quite unique."

Since Trafigura became the majority owner of Nyrstar's operating business in July 2019, many large projects have sprung up at Nyrstar. "We have invested over €22 million in new gas cleaning equipment that allows us to better remove unnecessary elements from the raw materials that are used to make zinc. This gives us a wider choice in the raw materials market." says Leendertse.

With a rich history of almost 130 years, Nyrstar is an established value in Budel. In the area of sustainability they are taking big steps that are accelerating the shift to green energy in the Netherlands. For example, they recently announced that they buy all of their energy in green, which means that virtually no CO2 will be emitted. Nyrstar Budel is also a partner in the adjacent solar park that will soon be expanded and become the largest in the Netherlands.

About Nyrstar

Nyrstar is a global metals company with a leading position in zinc and lead. Nyrstar has mining, smelting and other operations in Europe, America and Australia and employs over 4,000 people. In July 2019, Nyrstar's operating business became majority owned by Trafigura, one of the world's leading independent commodity trading companies. Visit  www.nyrstar.com.

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