Nyrstar Pelt perfects zinc alloy and confirms world position

Tuesday January 26, 2021

Balen - 26 January 2021 - Nyrstar is in the midst of a tangible evolution and this is also noticeable at their site in Pelt. In recent months, the smelter perfected the quality of its zinc alloy, also known as zamak: a product found in cars, computers, hinges and clothing zips.

With this development, Nyrstar once again proves that it is investing in a sustainable future where safety and stability are paramount.

General Manager Inge Schildermans: "The production of zinc has been our specialty for over 130 years. Zinc from Pelt is already known worldwide for its excellent quality, but thanks to our continuous quest for improvement, we have been able to further perfect the finishing of our zinc blocks by eliminating the foam content. As a result, the amount of 'casting residue' in our customer's zinc alloy is halved, making their production more sustainable and efficient. We are particularly proud that our skilled team has been able to yield such wonderful results with this improvement. It once again demonstrates the genuine passion we have for producing zinc."

A zinc alloy consists of more than 95 per cent pure zinc supplemented by a fraction of aluminium, copper and magnesium.

The product is very fluid, making it ideal for the precise casting of complex or fine parts. Nyrstar's customer base includes world-class car, clothing and furniture manufacturers.

Today, zinc is in great demand because of its sustainable character: it is endlessly recyclable and adding a thin layer of zinc extends the life of a metal product by 12 times.

Nyrstar in Belgium, with sites in Balen and Pelt, is one of the largest zinc smelters in the world.

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Nyrstar is a global multi-metals business, with a market leading position in zinc and lead. Nyrstar has mining, smelting and other operations located in Europe, the United States and Australia and employs over 4,000 people. The company’s global operations are located close to key customers and major transport hubs to facilitate delivery of raw materials and distribution of finished products. In August 2019, Nyrstar’s operating business became majority owned by Trafigura, a market leader in the global commodities industry, providing a stable long-term platform for its marketing leading operations worldwide. Visit www.nyrstar.com.