Environmental Consultation, Reporting & Notification Portal


This webpage publicly presents information about our environmental plans and performance consistent with our commitment to transparency.


1. Consultation on our environmental plans and projects

1.1. Environmental Management Plans

At Nyrstar Port Pirie, we prepare a range of plans covering environmental management. The following plans are available on request.

  • Community Engagement Plan
  • Dust Management Plan
  • Lead in Air Monitoring and Reporting Plan
  • Ground Level Particulate and Sulphur Dioxide Monitoring and Reporting Plan
  • Lead in Air Monitoring and Reporting Plan

1.2. Environment Improvement Programme

Nyrstar’s Environment Improvement Plan was approved by the EPA SA  (Environment Protection Authority) on 22 December 2020. This plan is available on request.

1.3. Proposed Site Trials or Process Changes

Pre-Treatment Plant Trial

From July 2021, Nyrstar will conduct a Pre-Treatment Plant trial to implement, validate, verify and monitor control measures intended to further optimise the process stability and improve dust control to enable sustainable operation. The plant would operate 24-hours per day and seven-days per week to test its environmental performance (dust emissions) under the prevailing northerly wind conditions during the proposed trial period.  One of the objectives is to verify the effectiveness of environmental control measures under various weather conditions.

The Pre-Treatment Plant trial will utilise a strand that is designed to accept high temperature material.  The goal of the process is to remove chemically bound water while retaining sulphur in the dried material.  This material will then be a supplementary feed for the blast furnace to ensure stable operation while providing a valuable sulphur source for the blast furnace.

The benefits of this include:

  • Improved emission stability from a Blast Furnace operating at optimal rate with consequent lower emissions of lead-in-air;
  • Consumption of an additional 400 tonnes/ day of Paragoethite (PG) which would reduce stockpiled volumes by an additional 146,000 tonnes per year allowing quicker depletion of stockpiles; and
  • Employment opportunity for 30+ people, further improving the community employment rate.

There are no other proposed site trials or process changes at present. Please contact us by email on PortPirie.Environment@nyrstar.com to find out more.

Alkaline Battery Trial

From December 2021, Nyrstar will trial processing alkaline batteries in the Blast Furnace for metal recovery.  The trial will be used to assess the technical capability of the smelter to consume this e-waste, promoting the diversion of waste from landfill.

There are no other proposed site trials or process changes at present. Please contact us by email on PortPirie.Environment@nyrstar.com to find out more.

2.    Environmental Performance Reports

The following reports provide an overview of our environmental performance:

  • Quarterly Environment Report
  • Annual Environment Report

If you would like more information please feel free to contact us on:  


3. Community Notifications

Monitoring data is publicly available on:  Pi in the Sky website click here

3.1. Water Quality Notifications

There were no exceedances of the 7-day average wastewater metal limits in the past month.

3.2. Air Quality Notifications

Nyrstar is in compliance with its EPA Lead in Air (LIA) licence conditions. Nyrstar has both LIA limits and targets.

3.2.1 Lead in Air

Annual Average

On 31 December 2021, the 12-month average TSP Lead in air concentrations were below the criteria in EPA Licence No. 775.

Three Month Average

There were no exceedances of the 3-month average TSP Lead in air concentration targets at the end of the past month.

3.2.2 Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) Investigations

Nyrstar acknowledges reports of sulphur odours in the community. Nyrstar has identified and rectified the issue and will continue closely monitoring sulphur dioxide levels. - 3rd September, 2021

Daily Average

There were no exceedances of the 0.08 ppm 24-hour average investigation trigger in the past month.

Annual Average

There were no exceedances of the 0.02 ppm 12-month average investigation trigger in the past month.

3.2.3. Dust (PM10) Investigations

Daily Average

On 28 October 2021, the daily average dust (PM10) concentration exceeded the EPA licence criteria of 50 micrograms per cubic metre.  The elevated dust levels occurred during strong westerly winds (up to 12.5 metres per second).

4.    Contact for more information

We are happy to share this information with the community to promote transparency and engagement. For more information on any of the plans or reports listed above, or if you would like more information about any of the data or notifications referenced here, please contact: