Nyrstar Australia generated $1.7 billion in economic value in 2022

Tuesday August 08, 2023

Nyrstar Australia has recently released its Economic Value Report Summary for 2022 with its benefit to the Australian economy in the previous calendar year valued at $1.7 billion.

Nyrstar’s Co-CEO Dale Webb said the report shows the significant value Nyrstar creates in Australia each year.

"The metals we refine in Australia are critical to the manufacture of products the world needs – especially through the energy transition,” said Mr Webb.

“But our value goes beyond the metals we produce and refine – it extends to the economies and communities we are part of.

“The 2022 Economic Value Report shows that in Australia this value was $1.7 billion and we supported around 6,400 full-time equivalent Australian jobs.

“The value we create for the communities where we operate is a significant priority for Nyrstar too, and in 2022 we helped support 27 community organisations in South Australia and Tasmania.”

Of the $1.7 billion total economic impact, $838 million was through Nyrstar’s direct spending in Australia. This includes $670 million spent with over 1,200 local businesses.

Mr Webb says the value created by Nyrstar’s interlinked Australian sites had been an important contributor to the nation and the world for more than a century.

“Our Port Pirie and Hobart Operations have had a significant role to play in Nyrstar refining the metals and products needed for everyday use throughout the world for generations, and we are looking forward to the exciting years ahead,” Mr Webb said.

To view the 2022 Nyrstar Economic Value Report Summary, click here